Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here we are, begininning our third month of the new year...we're all doing great with our New Year's Resolutions right?...If you are, GREAT JOB, my second installment of "New Ways of Thinking" will help you continue on your path with more tools to help you overcome those old habits and move forward in your life.  If, like the majority of us, you're not succeeding as you would like, or have given up completely, these additional "New Ways of Thinking" when incorporated into your life intentionally and consistently will help get you, and keep you on the path to success that you deserve.  Remember, it's not the goal you set, but the time frame you give yourself to meet it.....the only failure is the lack of trying!
  1. Plan quality time with those most important in your life.
  2. Develop unconditional self-love and acceptance of yourself.  This makes it easier to treat others the same as you treat yourself.
  3. Keep yourself and your life at a high level of standards.  (If someone tries to pull you down, move away from him or her.)
  4. Let others take responsibility for their own actions, you are not responsible for what others do.
  5. Think clearly when making decisions.  Set emotions aside.  Check the facts.  (Sleep on it if you need to.)
  6. Difficult situations can benefit you, face them, make a decision and move on.
  7. Look forward to better days...things do change!
Always keep a positive outlook on life.  "I can do this.  I can succeed.  I deserve good things.  I am open to success in all areas.  Relaxation and the understanding of myself is the key!"
There's an old saying.."if at first you don't succeed"....well, you know the rest...
If you need a more personal touch to help you reach your goals for success in overcoming old habits and moving forward in your life, contact me...We all deserve to be happy and successful....I've helped many, and can help you too!
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