Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plain Talk About.......HANDLING STRESS from Norm Caldwell -- Part 2

As I posted last week, we all need stress in our life.  And whether we want to admit it or not, stress is with us all the time.  Too much stress, however, can seriously affect your physical and mental well being.  Too much emotional stress, for example, can cause physical illness such as high blood pressure, ulcers, or even heart disease.  Stress can cause, help continue or even worsen other diseases such as migraine headaches, high blood pressure, backaches or insomnia. 

As you begin to understand more about how stress affects you as an individual, you will come up with your own ideas of helping to ease the tensions.  Last week I gave you 5 different ways to help yourself handle stress.  Here are a few others...

A-Be A Participant
B-Check Off Your Tasks
C-Must You Always Be Right?
D-It's OK To Cry
E-Create a Quiet Scene
F-Avoid Self Medication.

Remember, the BEST strategy for avoiding stress is LEARN TO RELAX!!!  And BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!!!

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I'm here to help and remember HYPNOSIS WORKS!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Plain Talk About.......HANDLING STRESS from Norm Caldwell

YOU NEED STRESS IN YOUR LIFE!!!   Does that surprise you?  Perhaps so, but it is quite true.  Without stress, life would be dull and unexciting.  Stress adds flavor, challenge, and opportunity to life. Too much stress, however, can seriously affect your physical and mental well being.  A major challenge in this stress-filled world of today is to make the stress in your life work for you intead of against you.

To use stress in a positive way and prevent it from becoming distress, you should become aware of your own reactions to stressful events.  The body responds to stress by going through three stages:  1-alarm, 2-resistance and 3-exhaustion.

When stress does occur, it is important to recognize and deal with it.  Here are some suggestions for ways to handle stress.

A-Try Physical Activity
B-Share you stress by talking to someone.
C-Know your limits
D-Take care of yourself
E-Make time for fun

Come back next week for other suggestions and information on handling stress.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011