Saturday, November 12, 2011


Practice these 8 techniques and allow your mind, body and spirit to work together as one to boost your self-esteem and your confidence!  

 Look next week for 8 more to practice! 
  • Always be willing to speak highly of others. Look for their good points.
  • Make a decision, right or wrong...most of the time it will be right, even if you're wrong, you will feel better than if you put it off.
  • Compliment yourself and allow others to do so, a pat on the back builds confidence.
  • If you broke a promise or agreement, apologize and explain truthfully why you couldn't carry it through.
  • When somebody puts you down, say the truth to yourself and to him or her. “I am somebody. I will not be torn down. I am not a building!” (it all depends on how you say it!)
  • Say thank you for deeds done. People remember that and will help in the future.
  • One hour before sleep, stay relaxed and calm. Read an inspirational book or listen to a relaxing CD. When we go to sleep, our mind helps to overcome difficulties.
  • Be positive in talk about yourself. If a self put-down comes out, stop, re-think and re-word it!
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